Thoughts from the Principal’s Office

Jeremiah Patterson took this shot at SLA.  And wrote a dapper little inquiry piece about it on his blog recently.  A blog entry that has my brain/gut doing all kinds of Cirque du Soleil caliber flips as a result.

If you haven’t — yet — met Jeremiah Patterson, I’d put him somewhere on your radar.  For many that came to Philly (F2F or virtually) this past weekend, you may have had the pleasure of meeting him then.  If so, you might have checked out his “Little Green Schoolhouse” presentation on Saturday, a little 90-minute number he used to spark new thinking about the ‘ecology’ of the learning environment.

He’s an assistant principal.  A new daddy blogger (as well as an educational blogger).  A PhD candidate.  A Portland, Oregon guy.  And a passionate researcher about the impact of school design on studnet achievement, especially if one thinks sincerely about the environmental/carbon/green question along the way.

I know I’m going to be following his research and blogging arc.  Why? Well, I’m digging the conversational tone he’s taking with regards to one of those “oh, yeah” moments that anyone might have had while standing outside of Chris Lehmann’soffice — the Principal’s Office at SLA to be exact — and what it says to all of us.

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