Steps To Building A Healthier Work Environment

Before we go further, let’s talk about why you would even want to think about your workspace and its impact on you. First, many of us spend more waking hours at our desks than anywhere else. That in and of itself should give an indication the importance your workspace holds in your life.

But putting that aside, just think about your workspace and how it was pulled together. If you have a home office, you may be using a folding table from the garage, or a desk that was picked out of a catalog. You probably didn’t soundproof the room you are using. It’s even quite possible that you work from a different room every day. If you’re in an office, odds are that your company didn’t take any measurements and adjust the desk and chair to your specifics before you started. And if you’re out on the road, working out of hotels and cars, finding any seat that allows you to comfortable use your laptop is always a challenge.

What we’re getting at here is that until now, many of us weren’t thinking about our workspace. We were just happy that we found a place to get work done. But with all the time we spend working, if the workspace isn’t suited to your particular preferences and needs, your health can take a hit. From backaches and migraines to obesity and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, there are many issues that can arise when you don’t take care in building a workspace that works for you.

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